Thursday, April 19, 2012

GIS Web Map Class - Update

Welcome to the GIS Web Map Class Blog!  I have updated the tutorial just a little to give you the option to add some better looking tiles to your maps..

  1. HTML Basics
         A very basic overview  of HTML just so we can get our maps on a page.
  2. Connecting to an API
         Adding the needed files and links to the Application Programming Interface
  3. Creating a map
         Setting up and writing some javascript to create a map on the web page.  This first map will be a simple map with a basic layer on it.
  4. Saving and Viewing your work
         We all want to see what we did so here's how!
  5. Adding WMS layers
         To make our maps more useful we will need to add some data that pertains to a specific area or research topic.  Here we will learn how to add data that is produced in a WMS service format.
  6. Adding KML layers
         A lot of data is published in the KML format and shown in Google Earth.  We can bring most of the KML files that work in Google Earth into our web map.  There are still some features that do not translate from Google Earth to web maps such as animation and time series.
  7. Adding Markers
         Sometimes we just need to add a specific point or set of points to a map to show data.   A marker is a great way to accomplish this.
  8. Adding Image Overlays
         When we have created a great image using some GIS application such as ArcGIS Desktop and we want to display that image on our map we can do that with an image overlay.
  9. Publishing to your Blog
         This step brings our work together and makes our maps available to the world!
  10. Debugging
         There is always the possibility that there are errors.  Some of these could be javascript, html, or css.  If things don't look right or work right there is probably an error.  Let's fix it so we can get our data to the public!
  11. Dress up the map
         We want our maps to look great! Let's add a different base layer that can give our projects a little BLING!
Our new map looks a lot different and could possibly be more useful to our audience.  I hope this map tutorial has been helpful to you.  If you would like more information please feel free to contact me for tutoring. 

You can find the full tutorial at

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